We are VIVA.

VIVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the practice of the voga alla veneta as an integral part of Venetian life. Our goals are to

promote, embrace and document the culture and practice of the voga alla veneta for leisure and sport

. hold tight to the true soul of Venice that it represents

. and to share them with all the world.

The voga alla veneta is the rowing technique (standing up, facing forward) made famous by the Venice’s gondolier, but that has been to propel all types of Venetian craft across the city and the lagoon from their very origins. Though there is no activity more Venetian than the voga, its use outside the regatta has been in dramatic decline since the introduction of the private motorboat during the 1960s. We at VIVA, in collaboration with other cultural associations throughout the city, would like to reverse this trend.

Care to come along?