We are VIVA

Viva (Voga per l’Identità Veneta) is a non-profit cultural association formed by a group of five women – Venetian natives and Venetians by choice – who have practiced and refined their skills at the voga together for sport, exercise, and pleasure. Understanding the threat to this historic and very-Venetian activity, they are devoted to documenting, sustaining, and dispersing their knowledge and love for the voga in every way they are able. They have defined the work of the association as:

  1. To safeguard and spread the culture of the voga along with its inherent value to the Veneto tradition, particularly among youth and women.
  2. To collect historic documentation and images of the implements use in the voga, the boats, and the evolution of the techniques and styles or rowing.
  3. To collect historical archives and testimonials, both oral and visual (photo and video) on the voga and its use in work, sport, and for pleasure, past and present. To collect oral testimony from those who have constructed boats, managed the squeri (boatyards), rented row boats.
  4. To document the current state of the voga veneta, its use and function in the lagoon environment, and the rivers and deltas extending from it.
  5. To produce documentaries, audiovisual materials, and publications that serve to disseminate the culture of the voga at an international level, the first of which, already in production, is entitled “Beyond the Gondola.”

From the moment our organization was established, there’s been a host of enthusiasm both in the city and beyond. In fact, Venice’s Assessore dello Sport has offered to be our “godfather,” which in Venetian terms is a great honor, especially for such a new organization.

You too, can take part in this important work

We are very well aware that everyone who cares for Venice, its precious lagoon, and even the voga alla veneta (whether or not you have ever had a chance to row) do not all live in Venice, or in the surrounding lagoon communities or the Veneto, or even it Italy. This fact is well-represented even within the group of five women who founded the association. For this reason, we want to offer the possibility of any Venice- or voga-lover, no matter where they reside, to able to join us and our worthy, very ambitious cause.

Please join us…we’d love to have you along.