Veronica FrancoBefore the last traces of summer fades away, VIVA offers once last occasion to enjoy an evening by oar with the presentation of

VENICE: City of Women

It’s a series of performances taking place in three evocative campi  that recount the story of a several Venetian women: eccentric and extreme, noble women and commoners, of prostitutes and muneghe.

Three women – actress Simonetta Nardi, performer Alice Di Lauro, and musician Miranda Cortes – with costumes by  Muriel Brunet Balensi and Dominique de L’Atelier – will revive and relive a variety of text of historical documents: the great poetry of Gaspara Stampa and Veronica Franco, the sonnets of Carlo Goldoni, letter correspondence of the era, and Venetian legends, all taking place in the magnificent settings of Campo San Vio, Campo San Trovaso on the rio Ognissanti, and the Court Amalthea in rio San Polo.

“Venice, City of Women” is a historical literary  to shed light on  the centrality of the female figure in Venice, the city which, as Andrea Zanotto described, is “Goddess, Basilissa, mother, but never stepmother.”

VENEZIA, Città delle Donne
Evenings by Oar in Venezia
Saturday, Settembre 8
with actor Simonetta Nardi, performer Alice Di Lauro, and musician Miranda Cortes

PROGRAM begins in Campo San Vio, at 20:00
The subsequent stop/performances will be in
• Campo San Trovaso, rio Ognissanti
• Campo Amaltea, rio San Polo

Please note: the scenes will take place in the campi noted above. The performance will be in Italian and Venetian.
To have the best view, it may be necessary to leave the boat and stay in the campo

The public is invited to follow the performance locations on foot in the campi as noted: view the 

 map of the programmed route

If you like to help us spread the word, please download the PDF flyer.

Let’s bring the city’s canals alive with traditional boat life. We hope to see you there!

For organizational purposes, please advise us in advance of your particiation. Thank you!

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